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Ski expedition between ice and penguins

Antarctica, a continent that can only be referred to with superlatives… Few people have had the opportunity to travel this unknown land, but even fewer have had the pleasure of skiing on the mountains looking over the iceberg covered sea. This could be your big trip!

Extreme curves, incredible peaks, breathtaking landscapes and friendship… Imagine a trip to a continent so far from everything it’s difficult to access, completely frozen and without any human presence. Our 20m boat will be the base camp and the means of transport throughout our journey from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. Initially you pass the incredible Cape Horn, a very famous place of legendary feats, between the South Atlantic and the Pacific. Then we join the Drake Passage and the South Atlantic, with the first icebergs drifting in Antarctica, an unforgettable experience on the high seas. Finally we arrive on the Antarctic Peninsula. Covered in ice and with its highest peak at 3000 m it gives once in a lifetime sights of the indescribable landscapes! We will do round trips to climb most of the mountains, except some that are further away and require tented camps, but the beauty and solitude of being in a field with the sea dotted with icebergs in the background will be our greatest reward. This is definitely a timeless moment and the opportunity for a dream to become reality.

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From 19665 Euro

This program is organized by our partner Odyssee Montagne agency, which has all the legal requirements to offer all-inclusive packages. The mountain guide who will leave with you will be an Italian native speaker. Subject to changes based on on-site conditions and physical preparation of participants.

1st and 2nd day: Flights Paris / Ushuaia … and boarding the boat

From the 3rd to the 7th day: Navigation to the Antarctic Peninsula We will pass Cape Horn and the Drake Passage to reach the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

From the 8th to the 22nd day: Cross-country skiing throughout the peninsula and the islands along the coast, including the islands of Brabant, Antwerp and many other small ones. We will explore many mountains such as Mount Shackleton, Parry, Mount French, Mount Scott, Mount Mills and many others. Some need at least two days by installing a field, in total isolation. More than a skiing holiday, it is a true exploration of a country with mountains, islands covered with vast glaciers among which the sea flows, in a maze of narrow canals dominated by rocky and glacial cliffs, bays and inlets where you can throw for another night or more. Our program will be done day by day, adapting to the conditions of the sea, glaciers and weather, always skiing the peaks discovered during navigation. In addition, we will encounter an incredibly rich and omnipresent fauna such as seals, leopard seals, penguins, emperor penguins and many birds that return for the southern summer.

From the 23rd to the 27th day: Return to Ushuaia for the same itinerary, the Drake Passage and Cape Horn We will choose the best weather window for the return through one of the most rough seas in the world, but which can also occasionally be calm. We could arrive a day earlier or later than the program, and in this case we will have the opportunity to visit the surroundings of Ushuaia. Overnight at the hotel (nice!).

Day 28: Reserve day Overnight at the hotel.

From 29th to 30th day: return flight to Europe



30 days


Dicember, January


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


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