Contractual conditions

The work of the Alpine Guide is a commercial activity in all respects and as such requires an engagement by both parties (guide and customer) in order to guarantee a high quality of service. This is no different to travel agencies, hotels, plane tickets or car rentals, all are activities that require a deposit. Said deposit is forfeit in the event of cancellation by the customer within certain criteria.

For greater transparency in the guide-customer relationship our contractual conditions are listed below. At the time of quoting a cost, the Alpine Guide will provide you with a general idea of all the expenses that you will face during your stay. If this suits you, you will be asked to sign a contract with the guide, this will protect both parties.

In specific:

*** Commercial Terms of Contract Customer-Guide, with the exception of special cases for which you will personally make different arrangements with the guide.

Long-term bookings:

  1. High season (Christmas – May 10th and June 15th – September 15th): 50% deposit for bookings from 2 days and up. No refund can be given for a cancellation 30 or less days before departure.
  2. Low Season (11 May – 14 June and 16 September – Christmas Eve): 50% deposit from 2 days and up. No refund can be given for a cancellation 15 or less days before departure.
  3. For single days the deposit will be considered as the total amount of the “daily base rate” at 320 €. The cancellation conditions are the same as described in point 2.

The balance for the day or full stay will be given on the day of arrival unless otherwise agreed.

Last Minute Reservations (within 7 days of departure) for 1 or more consecutive days, where there is no material time to make an advance payment via bank transfer:

In the event of a cancellation at any time: the climb will be billed in full at the agreed price. If the trip can be postponed during the current season 30% will be lost, the remaining 70% of the price will be credited for a defined future trip. If the trip cannot be postponed during the current season, the total of the agreed amount will be lost.

Group courses and stages: due to the difficulty in managing costs for each individual, the full cost of the course will be charged at registration. In the event of a cancellation 30 or more days prior to the beginning of the course the full cost will be reimbursed. From 29 to 20 days prior to the course, cancellation will result in a 50% loss of the full cost. Cancellation within 19 days prior to the course will result in the loss of the full cost.

Cancellation due to bad weather or unsuitable mountain conditions:

The Alpine Guide is the only person responsible for assessing mountain conditions and therefore commits him/herself with the highest respect to the customer when cancelling the course in the case of adverse weather / mountain conditions. He/she also commits to propose any alternative climbs with the same characteristics as those of the default trip, if the conditions allow it. If this is not agreed, deposit will be credited for a future trip, or fully refunded. This decision will be taken by agreement with the customer. ***

***Payment details for bank transfer***


IBAN: IT 67 Z 02008 01399 000103945758


Bank code: UNCR

Country Code: IT

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