Weisshorn e la corona di Zinal

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Zinal’s crown

The Weisshorn is part of the great peaks of the Alps, with its majestic pyramid which rises towards the sky and masters the panorama. No ascent route to this summit is easy, and the normal route, which follows the ridge, is not extreme but still demanding and long. In order to better prepare, we will make some climbs in the superb “crown of zinal”, which offer panoramic and preparatory rock and mixed climbs.


on the base of a group of 2 pepople

Day 1
From Zinal, climb to the cabane de Mountet 2886m

Day 2
Climb to the tip of Zinal 3789m for the Durand glacier passing through the homonymous hill.
From here an easy crest of snow and rocks leads to the summit.
Night in a refuge.

Day 3
Depending on the conditions of the mountain, we will choose the S ridge of the Blanc de Moming (climbing on excellent rock with a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding 4000); or the climb to Trifthorn 3728, a nice climb on snow and ice.
Descent to the valley and transfer to Tasch. Night in the hotel.

Day 4
Ascent to the Weisshorn refuge 2932 m

Day 5
Ascent of the Weisshorn 4506m to the east ridge with rock passages up to 3+ and snow slopes up to 40 degrees.
Descent to the valley for the same itinerary and return.

max 2


5 days




Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Accompaniment by the Alpine Guide, the collective material.

Not included

Personal material, food, accommodation, transport, cable cars, for customers and for the Guide.

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