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The most aesthetic routes and the vertical myths of the Mont Blanc range

The most aesthetic routes and the vertical myths of the Mont Blanc range.

By attending Mont Blanc every day, having traveled most of the routes that cross it, and having analized every bit of its roughness with great interest and passion, I decided to offer you some of the most significant itineraries in my career as climbers, trying to take a 360 degrees tour of the massif.

Below you will find a list of more or less challenging climbs, but all of them are long, aesthetic and reach the top of Mont Blanc. These are the routes that have made the history of mountaineering and that each of us dreams of climbing on our own climbing life.


South side:
Central Freney Pillar.
Innominata ridge.
Brouillard’s hypercouloir.

West side:
Tournette Spur.
East side:
The Major spur
Brenva Spur

North and South side:
The north face of the Pilier d’Angle.
The north face of the Aiguille Blanche.
The Integral Peuterey ridge.

North and West side:
L’Arete Royale – Miage, Bionnessay and Mont Blanc.

To achieve these goals you need a great experience and excellent physical fitness. It will often be essential to make a preventive ascent to get to know each other and to assess your skills. Alternatively, we can offer you a training course to achieve your goal.

ATTENTION: it is at the discretion of the Guide to decide whether the climb requires one or more preparation trips.

Ask for detailed price depending on the route

max 2


2-4 days


Depending on the route chosen


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain Guide fees

Not included

Personal material, food, transport and cable cars for the customer and the Guide.

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