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Snow is a fantastic playground for winter sports enthusiasts, but sometimes it can hide pitfalls and dangers. In fact, “snow analysis” is not an exact science: it is not possible to accurately estimate all the individual parameters and variables that affect the snowpack, but it is possible to learn to recognize its main characteristics, to read the morphology of the terrain and, consequently to reduce risk in hazard assessment.

Our team of experts consisting of an Alpine Guide and a certified Aineva Technician will introduce you to the complex and fascinating world of snow and avalanches. Basic notions will be provided such as Alpine meteorology, the formation and evolution of the snowpack, the factors predisposing the detachment and recognition of the typical avalanche terrain. Finally, a practical self-rescue exercise will be carried out simulating a real accident.

The aim of the course will be to learn to identify dangerous areas, to minimize personal risk through appropriate behaviour to the situation and to act correctly in the event of an accident.

85,00 Euro

per person / min. 5 people

A winter day of practical tuition on the field. With the help of mountain lifts we’ll do an itinerant teaching day going through observation of the terrain, of the snow, and of the meteorological situation trying to assess how all is related to each other. We’ll finish the day with DVA search training.

Individual gear needed:
Artva, shovel, probe, first AID kit, ski touring equipment.

max 10


1 day


from december to march


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain Guide and Aineva teacher fees, common equipment. The price is meant per person on a base of minimum 6 people.


Not included

Transports, meals, and eventual lift tickets.


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