Bernese Oberland

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A sea of glaciers for ski touring

The Bernese Oberland is one of the largest and most aesthetic mountain massifs for spring skiing. Often our attention is drawn to the fame of the nearby Eiger and its impressive N wall. In reality, the Oberland is crossed by dozens of kilometers of slightly steep glaciers dotted with 4000ers, certainly not as steep as the Eiger, indeed. During the raid we propose we can adapt the days to the needs of each participant, the difficulty is not necessarily synonymous with beauty or pleasant. With a little luck with the weather we will have the opportunity to ski for hendless miles, admire these beautiful views from the top of a mountain and enjoy a fresh beer from the panoramic terraces of the shelters.

Mandatory safety equipment: ARTVA, shovel, probe. If you do not have it you can rent it from specialized dealers, or from the Alpine Guides themselves.

NOTES: ski mountaineering is a beautiful activity that allows us to discover enchanted places velvety in white, and to feel free, darting through the powder snow, drawing perfect tracks. At the same time, it is a potentially dangerous activity and requires a great deal of experience to evaluate the conditions of the snowpack and the terrain on which you move. It will therefore be ESSENTIAL that the members adhere to the rules of behavior illustrated by the Guide before departure, and that they have respect for any possible change of plan designed for their safety!

500 Euro

per person on a 4 people base.

General program:

Day 1: train up to Jungfraujoch and walk to the hut. Climb up the Monch and back to the Monch hutte for the night.

Day 2: climb up to Gross Fischerhorn and traverse to the Finsteraarhornhutte, night at the hut.

Day 3: climb up to Finsteraarhorn and back to the hut.

Day 4: climb the Gruneghorn and ski down to the Konkordiahutte or the Hollandiahutte.

Day 5: climb Ebeniflue or Gletscherhorn and down to the valley.

max 6


5 days




Technical challenge

Physical challenge


The mountain guide fees, common equipment.

Not included

Food, lodging, transport, lift tickets for the mountain guide and for the clients, personal equipment.

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