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Grands Mulets route and Dome N ridge

It is certainly one of the most beautiful ways to climb the roof of Europe, taking advantage of an exceptional ski descent, starting from the top.

Linking the turns on the N wall or on the Bosses ridge is a great moment, a well-deserved reward after a ski mountaineering season spent training hard. The view along the entire route is magnificent, the true combination of mountaineering and the pleasure of skiing.

Technical requirements: It is essential to have a good downhill skiing technique and to have already reached the summit of at least 2 peaks of 4000m on skis and two ski mountaineers of at least 1800m vertical gain.

Individual material: Artva, Pala, Sonda, first aid kit, spray glue, sturdy tape, map, compass, GPS who has it, ski touring skis, ski touring bindings with joint for the ascent, ski mountaineering boots, skins, rampant, ice ax and crampons.

500 Euro

on the base of a group of 2 people

Day 1: we take the lift up Plan des Aiguilles from the Chamonix side of Mont Blanc. Through the Bossons glacier we hike up to Grand Mulets hut. 

Day 2: we climb the N spur of the Dom de Gouter and we reach the Vallot emergency hut. From there the way up steepens and narrows til the very top of Mont Blanc. From there we put on the skis and we head down the north face joining the regular route at about 4200m. The descent will end depending on the amount of snow at the intermediate station or dow the valley.

max 2


2 days




Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain guide fees and collective equipment

Not included

Personal material, food, accommodation, transport and cable cars for the customer and for the Guide.

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