La Vallée Blanche

Ski | Ski & Ice

The longest ski descent in the Alps

Breathtaking views, curves between ice towers, rocky peaks and the top of Mont Blanc. With 24km of descent, starting from an altitude of 3450m all the way down to the centre of Chamonix. A unique route in the Alps, accessible to many, but often underestimated from an environmental point of view.

In the best conditions it is comparable to a blue slope descent, but let’s not forget that we are skiing on a glacier where crevasses are present, sometimes hidden under the tracks. It is therefore necessary to have a small amount of high mountain experience and to know the route well. After a snowfall the descent becomes tiring for those who have not mastered the off-piste technique.

This is why we offer you the opportunity to undertake this descent with a professional who knows the itinerary well and will guarantee your safety … but you have to listen to them, they are there with the aim of making the trip fun and accident free. Our prices for this itinerary won’t be the lowest on the market, but our working philosophy requires us to lower the number of participants at the expense of price to ensure greater safety.

There are many variations of the classic route, together we will decide which of these we would like to undertake.

85 Euro 

per person


max 5


1 day


from January to April


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain Guide fees, collective equipment

Not included

The cable car to Punta Helbronner, the price of the train in case the snow does not allow you to go down to Chamonix on skis (27 € approximately), and the return bus (16 € approximately).

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