Kalymnos limestone

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Travel, sea and climbing

Not only mountaineering, but also sport climbing gives us the opportunity to travel and visit new places. The advantage of the island of Kalymnos is the ability to combine climbing with the sea and fresh fish: in short, a beautiful holiday full of emotions and relaxation. In recent years, Kalymnos has developed considerably from the point of view of climbing, and today has about 85 different sites. The difficulties range from “easy” to “impossible” and there are really routes for all tastes. The approach to the walls is never long. Usually, the premises that rent the apartments, also rent the scooters that we will need for travel around. No car … backpacking and off you go! If fatigue prevails, in the hottest hours you can take advantage of the beautiful beaches and clear water for a refreshing swim.

400 Euro

on the base of a group of 6 people

To be defined with the group

max 6


7 days min.


fall, srping


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


The fare of the Guide, the flight and the food of the Guide, common material

Not included

extras in general, flight of the participants, car and / or scooter rental, meals, accommodation also for the Alpine Guide.

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