Freeride in Mont Blanc range

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Freeride between monolithic spires and the giants of the Alps

Mont Blanc is not only famous for its mountaineering itineraries. Every year it is also the place where the best freeriders try their hand at new and exciting descents along the countless slopes that line the massif. The off-piste itineraries of Mont Blanc are among the most beautiful and spectacular in the world … and there is something for all tastes and difficulties! Thanks to the different exposures and the variety of slopes, both the beginners and the experienced will be satisfied. Furthermore, if you want to wear leather, the possibility to explore wild places and find untouched slopes with powder snow will increase considerably. Classic itineraries include the descent of the Toula glacier, the Vallée Blanche, les Périades, the Marbrées, the Brenva, the Col d ‘Argentiere … and many others! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to plan your adventure on the snow of the Mont Blanc massif.

Mandatory safety equipment: ARTVA, shovel, probe. If you do not have it, you can rent it from local dealers, or from the Alpine Guides themselves. The possible need for detachable heel attachments and seal skins will be discussed with the Guide before departure.

NOTES: freeriding is a beautiful activity that allows us to discover enchanted places, velvety and white, to feel free, darting through the powder snow, drawing perfect tracks. At the same time it is a potentially dangerous activity and requires a great deal of experience to evaluate the conditions of the snowpack. It will therefore be ESSENTIAL that the members adhere to the rules of behaviour illustrated by the Guide before departure, and that they respect any possible change of plan designed for their safety!

90 Euro
per person on the base of a group of 4



1 day


from december to April


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Accompaniment by the Alpine Guide, the collective material.

Not included

Personal material, food, transport and cableway costs for the customer and for the guide.

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