Drytooling course – beginner to advanced

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Use ice tools on rock

This is the natural evolution of ice climbing and low altitude gym climbing on high mountain routes. To date drytooling is still evolving, with a thousand facets that are still being defined and improved. What is certain is that we will be moving on two very different elements: ice and rock. Don’t be frightened by all the images of large overhangs dominated by giant hanging torpedoes ready to detach at any moment. Even with drytooling we go step by step: we will learn about the equipment and techniques necessary for this discipline, how to use it in different situations and how to evaluate the safety of a route. To start with, we will explore suitable sites that involve minimal engagement, enabling you to become familiar with the discipline.

Where is it:
e.g. Champorcher, Ceresole, Haston cave are dry climbing sites perfect for those who want to start this activity.

170 euro

on the base of a 4 people group

max 4


2 days


from October to April


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Assistance and teaching by the Alpine Guide, common material.

Not included

Transfers, board and lodging for the participants and for the Alpine Guide, extra personal expenses, personal material.

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