Ice climbing course – advanced

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Icefalls from 4th degree upwards

The advanced ice climbing course is open to those who already have climbing experience with the piolet-traction technique, with some ascents on medium easy routes as a leader, but who want to improve their technique to tackle steeper terrain. The proposed waterfalls will generally be from grades WI4 up; this is adapted to the student’s experience and requests.
The sites taken into consideration for the course may vary according to the weather conditions and according to the interest of the members.

170 euro

per person on a 4 people base


Briançonnaise, Kandersteg, Valle d’Aosta

max 4


2 days


from January to March


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain Guide fees, common equipment.

Not included

Transport, food and lodging for the clients and for the Guide, extra personal expenses.

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