Mountaineering and classical alpine mixed climbing course – basic

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Snow slopes, ridges, and normal routes

Classic mountaineering, by definition, evokes thoughts of large spaces, long ridges, wide slopes, and big names: Bonatti, Cassin, Bonington, Whymper, Balmat, Charlet. These are climbers who made history in mountaineering using more rudimentary equipment but with great adventurous spirit. It is thanks to them that today we have refined specific techniques in order to move on classic mixed terrain in relative safety. On this course we will go through all of these techniques so that by the end you can safely reach easier summits on your own.

(Examples of activities we will go through during the course:  Cresta dei Cosmiques, Couloir Chevalier, west ridge at Tour Ronde, Piccolo Paradiso, crevasse recovery maneuvers, progression on glacier …)


300 Euro

per person with a group of 2

220 Euro

per person with a group of 3

160 Euro

per person with a group of 4

The activities we propose in this course are varied to better suite your needs: ridges, couloirs, mixed, glacier travel and regular routes. We’ll go through technique, safety and environmental management.

The main goal is to acquire a basic knowledge on how to use ice axes and crampons on snow slopes, ridges, short rocky steps, and to learn all the rope work you’ll need to keep safe.(e.g. Tour Ronde regular route, Entreves ridge, Chevalier couloir, Grand Paradiso, glacier crevasse rescue, ecc…)


max 4


2 days


Year round


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain Guide fees, common equipment.

Not included

Transport, food, lodging and lift tickets for the clients and the Guide, all personal expenses.

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