Winter alpine climbing course – perfecting

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Snow couloirs, gullies and north faces

Although the name alone may have hostile connotations, winter mountaineering has an incredible charm and is a source of great fun. True, everything seems more difficult and more, how to say it… “cold”! But in reality this is not always the case! Everything is covered with snow and takes on a new shape with every falling flake. The white coat on the walls, worked by the wind and the sun, is compacted to give birth to lines that, in summer, would be crazy to attempt. Specific techniques are used to progress, but in the end, as in summer, the summit is reached.

The activities that we offer on this course are varied to better adapt to the needs of the students. Ridges, couloirs, gullies, mixed…



To be agreed with the Guide depending on the chosen route.

The goal is to fulfill the last few gaps about advanced progression on snow/ice/mixed steep terrain and to achieve a big route. This last will be chosen on the base of your previous experience.

Where: Mont Blanc range and Delfinato are huge playgrounds that will allow us to find the perfect line to satisfy you mountain dreams. But the Alps are big and we will follow mountain conditions and your curiosity to find the best spot.

max 2


2-3 days


All year round depending on conditions


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


Mountain guide fees, common equipment.

Not included

Transport, food and lodging for the clients and the Guide, all personal expenses.

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