Advanced Ice climbing around Mont Blanc

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5 day advanced level ice climbing expedition on the ice falls of Mont Blanc, in the beautiful Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland.

The highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc (4,810m) is a marvel in every way. Whether you are climbing it, skiing on it or just admiring it from afar, it is the kind of peak that embodies wonder. And on this trip, which lasts 5 thrilling days, you will get to ice climb on the mythical peak’s collection of ice falls.

There are a number of ice falls you will get to visit and enjoy on this trip. Some examples include Repentance Super, Trip in the Night, Nuit Blanche, Grand Bleu, Holiday on ice…

980 Euro

Per person on the base of a group of 2 people

To be defined with the clients and following mountain conditions.

max 2


5 days


from January to March


Technical challenge

Physical challenge


The Mountain Guide fees, collective equipment. 

Not included

Food, lodging, transport, lifts, all for the clients and the guide. 

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